We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own. 


At GSAH, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care for pets and their people. From the biggest dog to the smallest kitten, we can service all of your pet's healthcare needs.

We do not take a "one size fits all" approach. Whether it's wellness care or emergency treatment, we provide the comprehensive veterinary care YOU want. We will work with you to tailor a wellness plan that meets your pet's needs and fits within your budget. 

Annual Wellness Care

Pedicures, flea and tick control, heartworm testing, parasite screening and vaccinations are just some of our annual healthcare program. We believe in a preventative care approach with our patients. It is important to make sure your pet is fully protected from environmental dangers, and to keep tabs on what is going on internally with your pet. Preventative Care allows us to work with you to keep your pet at optimal health year round.

Progressive Dental Care

Periodontal disease is the number one disease in dogs and cats. Not only is this a painful condition, but it can also leads to heart, liver, and/or kidney disease. We wish to educate our clients on the importance of having their pet's teeth examined and cleaned on a regular basis. Preventative dental care can add years to the life of a pet!

In- House Laboratory

Our complete in-house laboratory give us point-of-care diagnostic abilities when we are treating sick or injured pets, and allows us to properly evaluate surgical cases prior to anesthesia. We also send samples off to an off-site laboratory for specialized testing. 


We know your pet will feel more at ease with you at home, however, occasionally, a sick pet needs services that can only be performed in a hospital setting. We strive  to keep hospital stays as brief as possible, while making sure to attend to your pet's health needs.

While in the hospital, your pet will be in our general hospital area. If there are concerns about a contagious disease, your pet will stay in our isolation area.  Dogs are walked several times a day, unless prohibited by their condition. An assistant is assigned to monitor the 

condition of each patient, and to keep them as comfortable as possible at all times. Your pet's doctor will call you to inform you of your pet's progress or of any changes. Additionally, the doctors and assistants are available to answer your questions about your pet and his/her condition. 

Anesthesia and Surgery

We tailor anesthesia to meet your pet's age and health condition. We are equipped to monitor pulse ox, heart rate, and blood pressure during anesthesia and surgical procedures. We offer a range of procedures including, but not limited to, spay and neuter, mass removal, and removal of foreign objects.

End of Life Care

Saying goodbye to your pet is one of the most difficult decisions you may ever make. When the time comes to say good-bye, we are here to help you make the transition. We offer euthanasia, as well as communal and private crematory services. As veterinarians, we understand the progression of diseases, and we will assist you in making the decision that is best for you and your pet in the best way we can. 


When your pet stays with us, we do everything we can to ensure a "home away from home" atmosphere. We pamper our boarding pets with Science Diet food, or with their own food from home, and we provide comfortable cages with beds, or runs, complete with blankets, several walks, and lots of love and attention. Our boarding staff are also able to medicate your pets, should they need it. To give you additional peace of mind during your pet's stay with us, our hospital staff is also on hand, should your pet need medical attention during their stay.


Grove Small Animal
Hospital, Inc.